17 Healthy Habits to Build the Best You

Let's face it.

We have a new year every year. It's nothing new.

But to so many people it symbolizes a fresh start.

A new beginning.

A clean slate.

So if you have trouble setting goals or you dislike resolutions altogether, this is for you!

These "little" habits done on a regular basis add up, like compound interest. They might not seem like a big deal, but the action of doing + the power of the chosen habit can help you create some MAJOR CHANGE in your life!

Let's do this!

Healthy Habits to Built the Best YOU!

1. What excites you? Without thinking, without judgment, come up with an answer. Think about the answer to "Wouldn't it be cool/fun if..." and let your mind run free. We get so caught up in the rat race, that we don't take a minute to laugh, have fun and do something that brings us true excitement. Definitely something I challenge you to do this year!

2. Recognize your wins. At the end of the day, give yourself credit for what you did well. Too often we focus on all the sh*t we didn't get done, mistakes we made or things we'll have to do the next day. Give yourself permission to celebrate your wins. Nothing is too big or too small to acknowledge.

3. Let people know how you feel. Call or text someone (if you can't do it in person) and let them know how much they mean to you. Life can change in an instant, so don't wait for tragedy to remind you how much your loved ones mean to you.

4. Drink more water. Water flushes toxins from the body and hydrates everything from your cells to your skin. It's one of the healthiest things you can do for you brain & body.

5. Create a sleep routine (if you don't already have one). Having a regular sleep routine is important. We need reparative sleep to let our bodies rest and ensure they stay in good health.

6. Accept compliments. You can dish them out, but can you take 'em? Too often, people say something nice only for you to quickly dismiss it. If someone gives you a compliment here's what you need to do: look them in the eye, say 'Thank you' and allow it into your life. Don't argue or minimize their words. Stop negating the nice things people say!

7. Be honest about what challenges you. Some things come easy, but we all have our weaknesses. Be honest and recognize when you need some help. No successful person I know ever did everything alone.

8. Write down 3 things you've been putting off. And get them done. Big or small. Maybe it's laundry, maybe it's creating an Etsy store. Stop procrastinating and start being productive. The things you're not doing are the things that slowly eat away at you, stealing your energy and starving your ability to feel satisfied at the end of the day.

9. Take a breath. Breathing not only helps during any physical activity, but it helps to calm your mind when it's racing. When we focus on our breath, we're able to bring our attention back to the present moment. Breathing is so involuntary that we often forget to do it intentionally.

10. Stretch. Exercise is great, but many people neglect to stretch. It's a great way to begin and end the day. Try waking up in the morning and stretching your limbs before you get out of bed. It's little things like this that are HUGE game changers.

11. Power down. Put away your phone, computer, tablet, ipad... (we have a lot of devices!) Unplug for at least an hour a week. You'll be surprised how rejuvenating it is when you give something besides a screen your full, undivided attention.

12. Take pride in an accomplishment. Sit back for a moment and think about something you've done well. If you don't have a mere 60 seconds a day to celebrate & honor yourself, we have to seriously audit your time!

13. Check in with your thoughts. Set a timer on your phone for every hour, every 3 hours, whatever works best. Identify how you feel, what you're thinking and take a quick scan of what's going on around you. Learning to raise your awareness will help you recognize patterns and tune into the automatic thoughts that are holding you back without you even knowing. (My clients will tell you I often have them do this to build self awareness, reinforce mindfulness & calm anxiety!)

14. Have a "place." Have somewhere you go that helps you feel connected and alive. Maybe it's your bedroom, maybe it's the top of a mountain. It doesn't matter, but identify a place and make something about it sacred to you.

15. Evaluate your goals as you go. If you do have goals, don't let time pass and then all of a sudden wonder why you didn't make progress. Have some kind of "scorecard" or evaluation system so you're regularly checking in with yourself and holding yourself accountable.

16. Put pen to paper. Research shows that only about 3% of adults actually write down their goals. Even if it's not your goals, start writing things down. Your mind creates stronger connections when we write. It makes thoughts seem more real and also allows us to find freedom from the negative thinking when we write. Whatever they are, don't let your thoughts stay cooped up in your brain!

17. Move. Move your body at least 5 minutes a day; we spend so much time sitting! Workouts are great, but I know we don't always have the time or motivation to do a full 30 or 60 minute routine. Turn on some music & dance. Stretch. Do pushups. You literally create movement in your cells & change your state when you do something physical!


Use this list of healthy habits as a guide 

Choose a few to begin with and start there.

Take what you like and leave out what you don't.

Challenge yourself.

If you'd like more guidance, you can use hypnosis to reinforce new habits (and break old ones!). And think about getting a friend on board with you for added accountability. Having someone to check in with always ups the 'fun' factor when it comes to stuff like this!

Big changes are welcome, but I can promise you, in my 15+ years of helping people create change it's more often the seemingly "little" things that add up over time and make the biggest difference.