How to Set Resolutions You'll Actually Keep

It's that time of year!

Buuuut, how many times have you set a resolution and it's fallen by the wayside just in time for February?

The first week of the year, several things tend to happen:

The gym is packed.

Motivational posts on social media are at an all-time high.

Lives are organized to the T.

Determination sparks like electricity.

Certain words start to trend, like:






But most people deny a very important fact: 94% of people don't keep their New Year Resolutions.

That's right. 94%. Most people. Most people don't follow through.

Because once January is over, goals start to lose their novelty and the excitement wears off. We settle back into old ways and the determination dims.

We feel defeated and we tell ourselves the same stories over and over, year after year...

"I'll start Monday."

"I can't do this without support."

"I'll wait for X, Y, Z and then I'll try again."

"Maybe next year."


It's a self-sabotaging cycle that most of us have gotten stuck in at one point or another.

So instead of letting this happen for the umpteenth year in a row and beating yourself about it, set yourself up for success this time. Set goals you'll actually keep, in a way that makes sense for you.

It's Time to Set Resolutions You'll Actually Keep

The first thing to ask yourself is "what am I trying to accomplish here?"

Think about the goals you're wanting to achieve and identify what your life will look like if you achieved them.

How would you feel if you were making substantial progress toward it?

If you're goal is to lose weight, how will you feel when those pounds are gone? What will the weight loss do for your mindset? How will you treat yourself differently? Those are the questions you need to ask yourself when setting goals.

What you want is to lose weight. But what you really want is to maybe feel more confident, excited to wake up in the morning, have more energy.

See how that works?

You set a New Years Resolution, but without the feeling and genuine intention behind it, it's Just. Another. Goal.

The feeling is what you'll develop along the way.

The feeling is what will help carry you through when it loses it's novelty.

The feeling is what keeps you moving forward when the goal gets old and you're ready to thrown in towel and wait again until next year.

Other Ways to Help You Set Resolutions You'll Actually Keep

Think as If

Waiting until you reach your goal to start living your life differently defeats the purpose.

If you think you'll love yourself more or treat yourself better when you lose weight, meet Mr. Right or have more money you're mistaken. Do that now!

Think about all the things you'll do differently when you reach your goal, and put them into practice NOW.

Get into the mindset and think as if you were already that person.

Then, as you work toward your goal, those thoughts become more solidified.


Get to Know Yourself

Pay attention to what you're thinking. Because when you're aware of your Go-To Thoughts, you'll be able to put an end to self sabotage!

Commit 24 hours to figuring this out:

Set a timer on your phone for every hour (or 3 hours, just make sure it's at regular increments) and write down what you're thinking, feeling and anything else significant.

This helps you identify patterns of negative thinking, learn what you experience in certain environments, etc.

You'll quickly notice the thoughts you've been unaware of!

Once you're aware of what you're thinking, you'll be able to observe your feelings . And since your feelings drive your thoughts, and your thoughts drive your behavior, you'll be able to shift into thinking more productively, make decisions that support your efforts, and progress toward the goals you've given up on each year!

Remember, don't set resolutions just to set resolutions.

Set resolutions that mean something to you.

Set resolutions you'll actually keep!