Feelin' blah about it all?

It's time you end the battle with your brain and get in shape... mentally, physically and emotionally.

Do you struggle with anxiety? Feel overwhelmed and full of self doubt?

Do you struggle with anxiety? Feel overwhelmed and full of self doubt?

Do you struggle with anxiety? Feel overwhelmed and full of self doubt?
  • Are you utterly exhausted with life but wound up about everything?
  • Do you feel like there's more to life than "this," but you don't even know what it would (or could) look like?
  • Are you feeling unfulfilled in relationships and left wanting "more?"
  • Do you realize you have the potential to relax and finally go to bed feeling satisfied with your day?!

If you feel like the overwhelm is constant, the anxiety isn't budging and your relationships are at a stand still... I got you.

We need to chat, stat.

I know your life isn't horrible. (In fact, most people would say you have it pretty darn good.)

I mean... you've got a decent career, friends and fam who love you. And you keep it together pretty well on the outside, but inside? You're tired.

Tired of feeling uncomfortable in your own skin - not loving what you see in the mirror, not being able to throw on your favorite leggings and walk right out the door with your head held high.

Tired of going to bed wondering what happened - and waking up feeling uninspired. You're kinda going through your day with a happy face but you just... want... more.

But most of all, you're tired of being so dang tired - from the anxiety, the stress, the overwhelm, the never-ending feelings of OMG-I-have-so-many-things-to-do.

Yup: You're bored, anxious and over it. Yet at the same time you feel overwhelmed by everything you already do have in your life.

What gives???

You just don't know what to do - let alone how to make it happen.





  • I've spent the last 10+ years studying mental health, mindset, motivation, anxiety & positive psychology. I've honed my ability to ask questions that open minds and helps my clients see their lives with a fresh, more positive perspective.                                                                                                 Just imagine...
  • Waking up and getting out of bed feeling motivated and enthusiastic about the day ahead (and not jolted into instant overwhelm or held back by self-imposed stress, anxiety, doubt & self-defeating thoughts.)
  • Feeling awesome in your bod every day (read: looking and feeling good in your go-to jeans, not avoiding mirrors and being able to truly enjoy the time with your partner, family & friends again.
  • Realizing that no matter how anxious you feel and no matter how long you've been stuck in the same habits or routines, a healthy life -in all areas- isn't as far off as it seems!

What if you felt way less like...

Feeling like you've tried ALL THE THINGS to like yourself more.

Feeling like you're looking at a stranger when you look in the mirror.

Rolling out of bed every day after compulsively hitting the snooze button with mountains of anxiety (almost as big as the mountains of laundry you should've done last week).

Running in circles taking care of everyone + everything else, with zero energy and motivation to do what you truly want to do for yourself.

Drowning in negative thoughts about your marriage, friendships and pretty much everything.

Ready to shake all that off?



  • It's time to stop standing still and start reshaping your body and your beliefs for a better life overall!
  • I'll teach you how to create consistent habits that nourish your body and brain and boost your well-being, self esteem and confidence.
  • Coaching is designed to get you unstuck in every area of your life, from fitness to mindset. It's where exercise, nutrition, self care and personal development blend together like a killer green smoothie that actually tastes good!
  • It's time for you to get back in shape mentally, physically and emotionally.

I'll be right alongside you to guide you on your personal adventure to the life you desire, to help you improve your health and well-being, lose the physical and emotional weight, overcome limiting beliefs, and work toward goals you've been delaying.

I do this work because I get what you're going through. I've been there, done that.

I've felt trapped in my own life.

I've woken up anxious and gone to bed annoyed that it didn't seem like I was achieving anything.

I've been sooo afraid of what people thought that I just walked through my day like an unproductive, self-sabotaging ball of stress.

I know what it's like to have zero self worth, all while nobody around me had any clue what I was struggling with.

But I learned living a healthy, self-loving life wasn't as far away as it seemed. It was possible and it was within reach!

And it's within reach for you. You just have to take the leap and trust yourself that you can do this.

Let me help you untangle yourself from the fast-paced world and stress you've built for yourself and create a life that satisfies you physically and emotionally!


In order to ensure I can help you in the best way possible, schedule your free 15-minute consultation below any of the packages. Serious inquiries only please. If you're not ready to make a commitment just yet, you can visit my Shop page for recordings and other products that will help you get started on your journey!





No Commitment, Just Rapid Results

Zoom video call where you can lay everything on the line & ask all your questions!

Get answers, techniques and everything you need to hit the ground running and start making progress on your goals like yesterday...

*not available for current clients

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3 Month Coaching Package

Assessment - 60 min initial session to talk in depth about goals

Sessions - 2 (two) 45-60 min sessions each month to dive deep and evaluate progress & goals to keep you moving forward

Hypnotherapy (1 session) to support your progress & goals - recording will be provided

Unlimited Email Support - you'll have all the support you need in between sessions

Final Follow Up - 1 (one) 30 min call within 30 days of our final session to ensure you're still maintaining and making progress

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Total Transformation


6 Month Coaching Package

Assessment - 60 min initial session to talk in depth about goals

Sessions - 2 (two) 45-60 min sessions each month to dive deep and evaluate progress & goals to keep you moving forward

Hypnotherapy (3 sessions) to support your progress & goals - recording will be provided

Unlimited Text and/or Email Support - you'll have all the support you need in between sessions

Final Follow Up - 2 (two) 30 min calls within 60 days of our final session to ensure you're still maintaining & making progress

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Oh my goodness, where to even BEGIN to describe all the ways that Lori has changed my life! As someone who had never seen anyone for personal coaching, I was hesitant walking into it, not knowing what to expect. I came across Lori, listened to her podcast, and was immediately hooked. From day one she has made me feel so comfortable and at ease, allowing me to truly feel open and vulnerable to share even the hardest things on my heart.

Lori challenges me in all of the best ways, and always knows what to say and when to say it. I always find myself speechless after she speaks, because it’s like she has an answer for every one of life’s trials and obstacles. Speaking with Lori is like talking to your bestie, only there’s zero judgment involved, and she has all the wisdom to keep you moving forward to pursue living the best life you’re called to live. I couldn’t imagine anyone else being in my corner. If you’re ready for practical, helpful tips on life, business, wellness, relationships, and mindset, she’s the one for you!

- Teresa W., Chicago Photographer & Entrepreneur

Lori has been helping me tackle my anxiety, grief and navigating different relationships for several months. She has been a sounding board to process my thoughts and experiences, while providing practical solutions without judgement. I've always felt supported. She has helped me learn that there is no switch to flip when it comes to overcoming anxiety, but with time and practice you can raise your foundational mentality. When I hit different waves of emotion or life turbulences, I pause and pull a tool from my box of resources we've been practicing.

- Angela B., Virtual Business Manager

I had everything people my age want and dream about, but everything was missing at the same time. I was really unhappy with work and life. I knew Lori from the community around me and that was when I took the step back to myself. I began a journey to improve myself and I knew I needed help with this. I met with Lori in person for three months and she was such an amazing support and confronter all within one. She helped me to face what I wasn’t paying attention to and understood what I should be asking myself. She taught me to understand how I tick and why I like to do what I do…aka to figure out “who I am.”

She is amazing at what she does. She has all the dynamics of understanding what needs to be asked, supporting the person, and showing them how to get there. She truly wants to see everyone be the best they can be and always choosing the “Hell Yes!” She helped myself to find everything I had lost within the noise of life and more.

- Heather P., Illinois
I had the opportunity to work with Lori over the course of 6 months. Spread thin between work, family and personal commitments I was feeling stuck, uninspired and frustrated.  I wanted to get re-energized and recommitted to a variety of goals I’d set for myself.  During the time we worked together our process evolved and Lori was there every step of the way.  Whether it was someone to challenge me, to guide me, to help me see the milestones and accomplishments or even just someone to listen and help untangle the confusing situations, Lori flexed and adapted to what I needed in the moment.
Lori is incredibly perceptive and has a keen ability to ask questions or provide suggestions that cut right to the heart of the matter.   Her coaching was a perfect blend of support, fresh perspective and (in the moments I needed it) a kick in the a$$.   Her questions are challenging but incredibly insightful.  Her suggestions are simple to implement and in effective in building confidence, mindfulness and personal clarity.  I learned a tremendous amount about myself during our time together, but most importantly I have been able to let go of a few things that had been holding me back giving me more capacity to create and embrace moments of joy around me.
- Julie Z., Illinois

Working with Lori made me realise how important I am and lead me onto a path of self discovery of self improvement.  Lori is patient, understanding and non judgmental.  I felt so at ease and after our session I felt ready to take on the world.

- Cheridene B., South Africa

I hired Lori for my goal of losing the weight and feeling happier in life by my 40th birthday. I had this goal for 5 years and was very slowly chipping away at it. By 2017 I had less than a year left. I came very close to that goal (I’ve lost pounds AND inches) but Lori gave me so much more: confidence, affirmations to use daily, a shoulder to lean on when things got tough, and motivation. Lori gave me the motivation and a belief in myself to keep myself going, not just in exercise and nutrition, but in all aspects of my life. On a five-star scale rating, I give her a 10! Even though our time has “ended,” I still use all of the helpful information she shared with me.

- Katie B., Wisconsin


Lori's dedication to her clients is unparalleled. She listened and asked questions in order to develop a customized plan tailored to meet my needs. She is available and provides continuous support. If something isn't working, she addresses it. She is an active partner in her clients' transformations. Lori's coaching is just one part - she also bring professionalism, compassion, dedication & fun!

- Marie J., California


Lori makes me feel like I can do anything! She incorporated everything I needed into a personalized approach. She has taught me so much about my physical & emotional wellness, and has helped me expand my goals & take my life to a new level.

- Sue D., Minnesota


How do I know if Coaching is for me?

If you’re looking for highly-personalized coaching with someone who’s committed & passionate, then yes. I only work with a few select clients at a time to ensure they have my full attention. If you’re looking for someone to connect with you on multiple levels, then this is for you. I don’t provide short little bursts of coaching, because transformation takes time. I work very closely with my clients, take their goals seriously & give them nothing short of 100%.

What's the difference between Therapy & Coaching?

This is a loaded question. Why? Because I am a Licensed Clinical Therapist and a professional coach. Throughout the years, I’ve learned that wellness isn’t about the mind or the body; it’s about both. I do include therapeutic elements (and my training helps me help you create true change!) but my approach focuses on your overall wellness and goals when it comes to your physical health, mindset, and future - because that’s what I've found moves my clients forward and creates positive & lasting change.

Can you guarantee I'll reach my goals?

Unfortunately, no. With any type of coaching, training or therapy, results are never guaranteed. Everyone’s personality, goals & abilities are different. I'll personalize your coaching to fit your goals, but you’ll need to work as well. The relationship works best when there’s a mutual understanding that each person will put in 100% effort. In order to manifest your goals, we’ll both need to be all in.

Is there anyone you can't, or won't, work with?

If you’re someone who’s self-motivated, willing to face what’s holding you back and ready to get your hands dirty in life, we should be okay. If you expect overnight results or you’re going to want me to do all the work, then this probably isn't your thing. I would rather you save your time, energy & money if you’re not ready for this kind of investment. But I would love to work with you if you’re going to be committed, excited and willing to create the change you desire!

I'm not sure if I can afford it right now.

I totally understand! I’ve made these investments myself, that’s why I know coaching is amazing & works. You have to do what's best for you and decide if the life you desire is worth a short term investment of time, effort and money. How do you feel right now? When you think about how connected you’ll be to life & how great you’ll feel as you work toward your dreams, is it worth it? The longer you wait, the longer it’ll be before you feel that way. (Note: there are other resources on my site to get you started if you aren't ready for private coaching just yet!)

What if I decide this isn't for me?

Honestly, I’ve never had that happen. I’m not afraid to address resistance, but I want to work with people who want to work with me.

This is why we’ll discuss the commitment before mutually agreeing to begin.

Do you have a payment plan?

You probably saw on this page, that I offer different Coaching packages. You'll have the option to choose between 3 or 6 month terms, and either one can be paid in full or on a monthly basis. It will all be laid out in the final agreement & contract. (Monthly payments will occur on autodraft on the card you choose to utilize for payment.)